17 Tips to make a blog successful

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Making a blog successful on the internet takes a lot of hard work and persistence. Sometimes it could take you several months to popularize it and generate any monetary gain and even longer before it can give you a full-time income to replace your existing source of income. It is very important to establish yourself as a brand and build a reputation and this requires hard work, time and planning.

In this article, I am sharing some of the tips which I believe will help in making a blog successful and popular.

1. Choose a niche you are passionate to write about.
2. You should know your subject well.
3. Write excellent content as “content is king”.
4. Pick a short, good and easily remembered domain name.
5. Choose a reliable web-hosting provider.
6. Treat your blog as a business.
7. Use a professional/premium theme for the blog.
8. The loading time/speed of your blog should be fast.
9. Optimize your blog for various search engines (in particular Google and Bing) with the help of Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO).
10. You need to post articles at regular intervals, consistency is key here.
11. Be active on social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn) to promote your blog/website.
12. Build an Email list of the visitors to your blog. This will help in connecting with them.
13. Submit your post to social bookmarking websites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit etc.
14. Connect with your readers and respond to their questions or queries in a prompt manner.
15. Market and promote your blog through offline channels (networking, seminars) as well.
16. Analyze your blog regarding traffic, social media followers etc. Always look for ways to improve your blog.
17. Learn how to monetize your blog through Google Adsense, Ads, Affiliate Marketing, referral marketing etc.

Best of luck for your journey into the blogging world. Do share your comments in the comments section given below.

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