Top Essential things to do after Installing WordPress


So you have installed WordPress and wondering what are the essential things you need to configure in order to make full use of WordPress software.

In this article, I am going to list down some of the important settings which you need to make after installing WordPress.

1. Change the permalink structure

What is permalink? Well, a permalink is the permanent URL address for the blog posts and pages on your WordPress website. The default permalink structure of WordPress is not good for SEO purposes. In order to receive a lot of search engine traffic, you need to make the URL easy to remember and search engine friendly. For this, you are required to change the default permalink.

You need to login to the Dashboard and then go to Settings -> Permalinks. There you will see a lot of permalink options. I would recommend selecting ‘Post name’ as this is the most popular choice among WordPress users and also it is SEO friendly.


2. Set your site title, tagline, time zone, date and time format

These are some basic things to update on your WordPress site. You can set the site title, tagline, time zone, the format of date and time here.


3. Remove dummy data

When we install WordPress it automatically creates some dummy date in your site. You can delete them as follows:

a) Sample Page: To remove the sample page, you need to go to Page -> All Pages. There you will find a page titled ‘Sample Page’. Tick the checkbox and click ‘Move to Trash’. The page will go to ‘Trash’ and from there you can permanently delete it from your database.


b) Sample Post: To remove the sample post, you need to go to Posts -> All Posts. There you will find a post titled ‘Hello World!’. Tick the checkbox and click ‘Move to Trash’. The post will go to ‘Trash’ and from there you can permanently delete it from your database.


c) Hello Dolly Plugin: To remove the Hello Dolly plugin, you need to go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins. Click the ‘Delete’ button and confirm OK to delete it permanently.


4. Configure the Reading Settings

You can configure the Reading settings from the dashboard under Settings. Reading settings enables you to use the front page to show your latest posts or as a static page. To use a static page, you need to create a page named ‘Home’ and select it as Front page displays.


There are many other things which are required such as installing plugins related to caching, database optimization and SEO etc.

I hope this post would help you in making the essential changes to your site. If you liked this post, share it in social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus).

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