Tips to Enhance the Security of Your WordPress Site


WordPress as a blogging platform, as well as a Content Management System (CMS) system, is gaining popularity by every passing day. As the popularity is increasing, the malicious and trojan horse attacks to hack your WordPress sites are also on the rise. I have listed down below some of the tips which you can use to secure your WordPress site from hackers.

1. Use secure web-hosting provider

Make sure your WordPress site is hosted with a reputed and well-respected company. The web host should have a good track record for implementing strong security measures. So do your research and then select the hosting provider.

2. Keep your WordPress version and plugins up-to-date

It is very important for you to keep your WordPress version updated as it contains patches and fixes to keep your WordPress installation secure. Also keep your WordPress plugins updated to the newest version. Keeping WordPress and plugins updated reduces hacking opportunities to a large extent.

3. Use strong passwords

Using a strong password for WordPress admin area is very important to safeguard your website. Do not use easy passwords “123456”, “admin”, “your name”, etc. as they are quite easy to guess for someone with wrong intentions.

4. Never use “admin” as your username

If you are using “admin” as your username, and your password is not strong, then your website is very vulnerable to a hacking attempt. It is worth noting that, most of the hackers assume that your admin username is “admin”. It is strongly recommended that you change your username to something which is difficult to guess to block brute-force and trojan horse attacks to your WordPress website.

5. Limit login attempts

Limit the number of failed login attempts from the same IP range. This would significantly reduce the effectiveness of brute-force attacks to your website. You can use a plugin for limit login attempt – it is easy to configure the plugin for a number of failed attempts, timeframe, and the lock-out period duration.

These are some of the points which you can use to enhance the security of your WordPress website. If you find this post useful I request you to share it online.

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